The purpose of the Compass Point project is to provide businesses a professional tool supporting the effectiveness of medical services in managed health care facilities (outpatient clinics, hospitals, private medical practices) – both in the public and private sector. The structure of audit that we offer is based on proven Swiss standards, precision and experience. Its advantage is the adjustment of the tools used to Polish reality – the economic and legal situation of the medical sector as well as the profile and needs of the Polish patient. Assumptions and audit procedures comply with the standards and guidelines of the global efficiency management program.

Project description

In the sailing nomenclature the term “Compass Point” refers to determining the direction, navigating and taking the intended course. In business, as in sailing, designating an appropriate way to achieve the objective should be based on all available data, and therefore should take into account the conducted analyses and research, submitted comments and suggestions, proposed adjustments…
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Concept of the project

We turned to the ideas and experience of the originators of the program increasing the efficiency of medical services to support the managers of medical facilities and equip them with the necessary knowledge. The Swiss program to optimise the functioning of medical facilities, based on a thorough analysis of various procedures and services provided, is currently being conducted in more than 350 facilities in 17 countries.

Purpose of the project

Compass Point offers independent consultancy, which main objective is to support medical facilities in the challenges associated with the growing number of patients through creating recommendations containing guidelines on how to obtain optimum conditions for development, how to use the available resources and how to improve the performance of institutions.
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Are you the director of a hospital or private medical centre? Do you manage a non-public health care institution? Have you opened your own clinic or do you run a physician’s office?

Is your business based primarily on one-day surgeries in ophthalmology (intravitreal injections, cataract surgeries, etc.), dermatology, dermocosmetology, dentistry, neurology, rheumatology, gastroenterology or nephrology?

Do you want your employees to know the needs of your customers, the scope of their responsibilities? Do you want them to identify themselves with their workplace?

Do you want to improve the efficiency of medical services in your facility, reduce the queue of patients, increase the number of patients visiting the facility, examine their level of satisfaction with the services provided?


If you have answered YES to any of the questions…!
This project was created for you and your company.

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