Compass Point offers independent consultancy, which main objective is to support medical facilities in the challenges associated with the growing number of patients through creating recommendations containing guidelines on how to obtain optimum conditions for development, how to use the available resources and how to improve the performance of institutions. The project has the features of an external audit, which enables obtaining an actual picture of the functioning of the facility in terms of a given surgery or service. It allows carrying out an in-depth analysis, drawing conclusions and proposing recommendations allowing for attracting more patients, improving throughput of the facility, providing feedback from patients and their opinions on the services provided.

badanie satysfakcji pacjenta

Customer / Patient

There are as many expectations, as there are patients. But in reality, everyone wants one thing, for the doctor to devote them as much time as possible.

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zarządzanie placówką medyczna

Entrepreneur / Owner

Managing the medical facility requires a lot of skill, error-free movement in the maze of provisions of law and organisational activities, thanks to which it will function smoothly.

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