Assessment of the quality and patient satisfaction with the service provided


Project Description

badanie oczekiwań i satysfakcji pacjentówOn the basis of direct interviews and a questionnaire survey, we analyse the perception of quality of the medical facility and patient satisfaction with its services provided.

„Quality is the degree of satisfying the needs and meeting the customer requirements” – (J. Oakland)

In the assessment we take into account all the essential elements of quality, on which individuals involved in the service provided focus.

For the patient: the quality of medical services depends on the qualifications of the medical staff and the conditions under which medical services are provided, as well as the course of medical procedures and the atmosphere in which these procedures take place and, finally, on the recovery or improvement of health after leaving the facility.

For health care employees: the quality of medical service is primarily related to the compatibility of the service with current professional knowledge and achieving the expected results: improvement of the patient’s health, his/her contentment and employee satisfaction.

For the health care organiser: the quality of medical service is associated with the distribution of benefits in accordance with the population’s health needs as well as effective, rational and efficient actions.

The assessment of the needs and preferences of patients in terms of medical services becomes the foundation to start the process of quality improvement. The patient expects a change in the level of quality, adaptation to his/her needs, as his/her requirements change. Customer requirements change over time. Their expectations towards staff, interior design, equipment and the quality of service are changing. Tough market requirements mean that more and more health care centres proceed to the implementation of quality management processes, seeing them as an opportunity to increase their competitiveness and credibility.

Benefits for the facility:

  • Guarantee of the increase of efficiency and professionalism in handling the patient-customer.
  • Systematisation in the scope of organisation and management of the health care environment.
  • Contentment – patient satisfaction.
  • Improvement of working conditions of personnel.
  • Increase of the company’s prestige.
  • Creating a structured uniform system of patient care.

Quality and Patient Satisfaction Certificate – Patients Satisfaction First

certyfikat satysfakcji pacjentaObtaining a high evaluation of the survey conducted among patients using a questionnaire entitles the facility to use the Quality and Patient Satisfaction Certificate – Patients Satisfaction First.

The certificate is the acknowledgement of the high quality of services provided by the facility and the implementation of measures for patient satisfaction.

Patients evaluate, among other things: the time spent in the facility, the registration process, qualifications and experience of the staff, available medical equipment, comfort of the waiting room, service standards, facilities, etc.

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