Audit of quality and efficiency of medical services


Project Description

audyt efektywności placówek medycznychTThe operational audit of one-day surgical procedures (e.g. cataract surgery, intravitreal injections, etc.).

The purpose of the Compass Point project is to provide a professional tool supporting owners, managers and coordinators in the effective management of medical facilities (outpatient clinics, hospitals, private practices) – both in the public and private sector.

The audit takes between one and several days, and its duration depends on the area under review and the specificity of the medical procedure.

The scope of audit:

  • Gathering data resulting from the difference between the current condition and the results recognised as optimal.
  • Defining the areas with the greatest potential for improvement.
  • Identifying areas, negatively affecting the quantity and quality of the service provided.
  • Checking the degree of staff involvement at every stage of the service provided.
  • Guiding the direction of improvements and the action plan.
  • Estimating the business benefits resulting from the proposed recommendations.

A summary of the audit is included in the report containing guidelines, recommendations, and determining the direction of optimisation measures of the audited service.

Auditing is done in a real work environment (waiting room, clinic, operating theatre, hospital ward, etc.) taking into account the observation of processes, interviews with employees, leaders and managers.

Benefits for the facility:

  • Increasing the number of patients eligible for surgery.
  • Increasing the number of surgeries (during one day).
  • Increasing the level of communication with the patient and the quality of service.
  • Efficient use of personnel of the facility involved in the process (reception desk, nurses and non-medical staff).
  • Verification of the level of engagement of personnel in the provided procedure (360-degree analysis).
  • Verification of the patients’ opinions on the quality and comfort of the facility.
  • Comparison of the parameters of effectiveness of the procedures with other facilities.

Examples of elements of the report:

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