Compass Point project

Each of our offers is prepared based on a thorough analysis of needs and expectations of the Customer, the current condition of the facility and detailed knowledge of its current infrastructure.

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Our offer includes:

In the sailing nomenclature the term “Compass Point” refers to determining the direction, navigating and taking the intended course. In business, as in sailing, designating an appropriate way to achieve the objective should be based on all available data, and therefore should take into account the conducted analyses and research, submitted comments and suggestions, proposed adjustments and recommendations and, above all, the calculation of time of our actions. Each entrepreneur (also entrepreneur running a private medical surgery or clinic) should ask himself/herself a question, whether in his/her quest to increase profitability and achieve long-term competitive advantage in the market he/she uses a wide range of information and opinions available to his/her customer (patient)? Does he/she have in-depth knowledge of the processes and mechanisms that affect the performance of the business? Or in his/her activity, does he/she limit to simple, often short-term economic calculation? Certainly one should ask himself/herself the question, do the procedures used so far guarantee, in today’s difficult economic situation and the intensity of competition, conducting a profitable business in the long run?

Our project allows filling the information gap in the process of effective management of the medical facility. We offer conducting a professional audit of the facility’s effectiveness in terms of:

  • specified medical procedure,
  • meeting the expectations and satisfaction of patients,
  • the potential of location of the facility.

In addition, we offer comprehensive marketing consultancy services for pharmaceutical companies and medical facilities, including, among others, creating strategic and tactical plans for achieving and maintaining a competitive advantage, building a recognisable brand.

It should be emphasised that our actions – which are a novelty in the Polish market – are based on proven Swiss patterns.


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